New Hartham Park Basebed with good weathering properties and shell content

Exciting news at Hartham Park  - we have a new basebed which shows it to be a hard stone with decent shell content.  We've received the initial test data for our new Hartham Park T2 Basebed and the results look really encouraging, especially the freeze thaw data which indicates a durable Bath Stone well suited to projecting masonry courses.

Hartham Park T2 Base Bed Test Data

Flexural Strength (Under concentrated Load)                             5.0 (MPa)

BS EN 12372:2006

Flexural Strength (Under concentrated Load)                             5.3 (MPa)

BS EN 12372:2006

After 14 cycles of Freeze-Thaw to BS EN 12371:2010

Apparent Density                                                                            2180 (kg/m3)

BS EN 1936:2006

Open Porosity                                                                                  19.7%

BS EN 1936:2006

Water Absorption at Atmospheric Pressure                                 7.3%

BS EN 13755:2008

Compressive Strength                                                                    24 (MPa)

BS EN 1926:2006

Block Dimensions:

  • Bed height:    500mm – 800mm
  • Block length: up to 4000mm
  • Block Width: 1000mm – 1600mm

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