BLOG: Using the best Italian machines to produce British limestone flooring that will last many lifetimes

It never ceases to amaze me how a piece of freshly quarried and misshapen raw block stone can be transformed into beautiful finished products such as internal flooring or architectural masonry.
Lovell Stone Groups’ Italian Donatoni tile line is now 6 years old and it is still fascinating to watch scant being fed in one end and stunning fully calibrated internal flooring or external paving emerge 60m later from the other end.
Lovell Stone Group are passionate about the ongoing use of traditionally used British stone and, when you consider that there are Twelfth Century ecclesiastical buildings constructed from British Limestones such as Purbeck that are still standing today, it’s not hard to see why! Indeed, Purbeck limestone is so durable and hard-wearing that we have had to integrate some very robust Breton calibrators into our tile line to help process it.
Every product that goes through the tile line is truly bespoke according to the requirements of individual schemes. We therefore work closely with the specifiers and end users of each project to produce exactly what they are looking for. Occasionally we are even asked to create something to match some of those products that are hundreds of years old; such as can be seen at Windsor castle and Buckfast Abbey. Having the availability of British limestones from our own quarries and the ability to offer a full range of finishes clearly helps when creating bespoke products. However, in addition to processing limestones from our own 5 quarries, we also bring in raw British block stone from other parts of the UK such as Portland and Lincolnshire.
It’s pretty cool to think that the stone we are supplying in 2017 might still be going strong for people to see in another 800 years!

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