Our team has a wealth of skills and industry experience, operating five quarries that produce individual beds of stone.  We also process other British stone including Portland and Lincolnshire and as expert quarry masters and masons, we are dedicated to raising the profile of British stone to a wider audience.

We invest in all aspects of our business, particularly state-of-the-art equipment that can process stone to exacting specifications and finishes. We have an extensive primary and secondary sawing capacity and a sophisticated tile factory which allow us to process stone to extremely fine tolerances.

Our bespoke service offers a variety of surface finishes such as honed, polished, bush hammered, flame textured or tumbled. The perfect mixture of skilled masons, waterjet cutting and computer-aided design (CAD) enables us to produce architectural masonry, cladding and ashlar.

At Lovell Stone Group, we care deeply about our two main assets: The high quality of stone we provide and the talented people we employ. This ensures we provide the optimum product for our customers